turning thiry

after the short escape to Venice last November, i opened the quarter-guide for my second semester and thought to myself that this gonna be a tough quarter. yet on the very minute, i decided to start the new quarter with a new attitude. both to the courses and to life. i wanted to start fresh. i wanted to face whatever coming my way more positively.

and so i did.
i learned to take every chance more positively, embrace the moments.
tried to laugh at life more often, see brighter colors of things.
say yes to everything that intrigues me and tickles my curiousity.

and, to my surprise, it went quite well.

so now i treat myself a giant vacation to “celebrate”.
well, i’m not actually into celebration. exactly why I choose to flew away from anybody who knows my birthday, haha. but this thing definitely worth a celebration.

why don’t we celebrate new days to come? 😉
it’s worth the time.

this time, i’d like to celebrate in silence,
in a land far, far away.

this time, i’ll celebrate with Gaudí.


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