lingua. to the borderless world.

Sorry, guys, this is not about the 90’s Indonesian trio singing “Bila Kuingat” with their remarkable retro 60’s jazz café mood video clip (literally translated “When I Remember”) no matter how I liked the song. As long as I remember (as well as confirmed by the most trustworthy site ever, Wikipedia), “lingua” is a Latin word for “language”. Astonishment I’d like to share.

One of the main reasons I chose Holland to study is simply because the master programmes are taught in English. Not that I don’t want to learn new languages other than English or that my English is superbly brilliant, but the fact that it is taught in English has already made my world a little bit more complicated. Let alone if taught in another different language.

English? Complicated? Probably yes, for most people from my country.
We are not India, where English is widely used for learning-teaching process at schools and universities.
During our 12 years of our elementary and high schools, English is not commonly used. Not even during our bachelor programme. English is only used at school when it’s… wait, let me think… hmm… NEVER!! Even during the English classes at school when we learn English, the course was taught in Bahasa Indonesia. Of course, there are a lot of “international schools” who oblige their students to communicate in English during school time nowadays. But still, it’s always too unaffordable for most common people. 😀 So, the only reasonable way to learn English more is by taking extracurricular courses in some English learning centers, or learn it yourself,  autodidactic. I chose the second option.

However, I always wanted to learn German and French since I was a high school student. Deutsch seems so interesting for some reason (which I still can never understand), while Français always sounds so sexy. Haha. What I deeply regret is that I waited until I finished my bachelor to finally start a new language. And that I chose between the two languages I’d really love to learn. 😀 I started to learn German a couple years ago, and still stuck in the A level somehow, hahaha. Probably, I need a new motivation to resume the course.

It is always funny to see where we (I) were when I’m looking back from where I stand now. When it seems to be luxurious and uncommon to learn multiple foreign languages in my country, I found A LOT of multilingual speakers here. At least, people speak one foreign language other than English and their mother language, be it German, French, Italy, Spanish, Latin. A new acquaintance once told me that in Germany, you even have to master two languages if you want to go to a good university. It’s crazy and exciting at the same time!! I always believe one of the best ways to understand how other people think is by learning and speaking their language. Only by doing so you’ll start to live beyond borders. When you figured out that the borders are slowly dissolving, you’ll finally realize how vast the world is. Imagine traveling the whole world without worrying how to communicate with others. Imagine traveling the world when all we do is to feel the experience.

It’s never too late to learn something new.
Why not a new language, then? 😉


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