when the day is dark

This is my first autumn ever in my life. And, of course, next months are gonna be my first winter ever.

Coming from a tropical country like Indonesia has already made me deal with a lot of things here in The Netherlands. Time difference and jet lags, temperature, wind, humidity, the daylight-saving-time things, culture. You name it.

However, the most current happening adaptation is the daylight. Yes, THAT daylight. I think I’m entering some kind of phase when the day is dark, and the night is even darker.

Imagine this. Back in my hometown, I always have everything on time. The sun rises around 5 am everyday and sets at around 6 pm. All throughout the year. I found it easier to find some kind of pace in such certainty.

The first time I got here, in the middle of August, the sun rose at 5 am (or so) and set at around 9.30 pm. And then it shifts bit by bit. Today, the sun rises at 8 am and set around 5 pm.

My “days” are getting shorter!!
I think it’s not time to wake up when the sun shines through the window pane and leaves traces on your face. 😀

I shall adapt, for sure.
But this is so new. And funny at the same time!!!
I’ll just celebrate autumn, then! 😉


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