This was just the best idea turned out to the worst in a brim second.

Saturday 03.30 a.m.
Delft train station
Wahyu, Bayu and I heading to Eindhoven by train.
Locked our bikes together; Wahyu’s to mine, mine to Bayu’s, Bayu’s to mine.
This is what we usually do when we don’t find any poles to lock our bikes to.

Sunday 07.34 p.m.
San Marco Square, Venice
Bayu left for the airport already, chasing his 9 p.m. flight.
Wahyu and I were strolling around, after dinner, looking for something sweet. Our flight will be on Monday afternoon.

Now Bayu have to walk himself home tonight. Or take the tram.
I feel bad, really.
And stupid, hahaha.

Maaf ya, Bay… 😀


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