the preach

11.03 in the morning, making some pancake for brunch, when the bell rang.

“hi, we’re trying to ask the young people of what do you think about the future of the Earth. what do you think? will the world be damaged or devastated in the future?”

“well, i think it will if we don’t change our way of life, our attitude, etc. i think we need to concern about energy more, change our way of lives to more sustainable ways, preserving energies, preserve the world…”

“exactly. but do you think the world will end?”

“well it will be, in the future. but i don’t know if the end is near.”

“ah! actually we’re from the Bible discussion group trying to reach the younger people…”

“ah! actually i’m a moslem…”

“oh… (hesitation) well, good, then.. because then you know what’s on the Bible…”

“weeelll, not what’s on the bible, but in the Qur’an, pretty much..”

“well, yeah.. but I think there are some similarities between Bible and Qur’an, right?! we share the same prophet, David.. or Dawud, as you may say..”


“well, we can see here in the Bible ….
(he took a small Bible out of his pocket.. subhanallah sekali ya masnya ini, bawa2 kitab suci ke mana-mana..)

“…. here you can see that God, as He spoken to David, says that the Earth is made for the rightful people… (and so on)

and the conversation closed by…
“here’s more information about us.. (handed a flyer) it’s in dutch, but our website has been translated into hundreds of languages, including english, of course.”

“umm.. okay…”

“i really encourage you to check on our website!”

“why, thank you.. i’ll have a look.. we’ll see what i might found there.. :)”

got back to my room, and…
crap. i burned the pancake. >.<


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