the Facebook account

So today in the afternoon I was checking emails on my Gmail account. Not that I expect to receive any important email, just a routine checking. And to my surprise, there were 24 new messages in the inbox. 24 NEW MESSAGES, for heaven’s sake!!! I normally receive 1 – 7 emails per day in my Gmail account, and now I suddenly got 24?! Where the hell were they coming from?!!!

Inspecting them thoroughly, 19 of 24 were messages from Facebook.
This is peculiar; because I never linked my Gmail account to any social media accounts, especially Facebook (the one with most notification emails ever).

The first email was the “Welcome to Facebook” email, saying that my email has made a new account, with my name on it! Okay, now how in the world my email made an account I never know?! (No, this is not my alter ego’s doing).

The email followed by other notification of phone number changing to 0813-9147-3500, and said “If it’s not you, secure your account because somebody has just accessed it.”
Firstly, the Gmail account IS mine; but the Facebook account IS NOT.
Secondly, THAT is not my phone number.

The third email came from Gmail Team, said that my Gmail account has been made:; and it’s linked to my current (real) Gmail account – which I reported instantly, that I never made such new account.

The next 16 emails were notification emails of “she, he, he, she, and he has confirmed you as her friend”.

The next thing I did was – of course – get to the so called “my new account” in Facebook. This person, whoever used my email to make an FB account, doesn’t impersonate me at all. But he/she entered my Gmail account as his/her primary email on FB. Since he/she signing up using my email and all of the notification emails go right to my inbox, I can easily enter the account, claiming that I forgot my password, and reset it. Once I reset the password, I deactivate the account and report it to Facebook team.

A couple hours later, the account was reactivated.
This, naturally, brought me at my wits end, sending me over the edge.

And so I claimed MY Gmail account as my secondary email for my FB account; and still, reporting the “new account” to Facebook Team. However, I’m not quite sure how to explain the condition clearly. I just wished that I had done enough to make them grasp my points.

I wonder how can such thing happen?! I thought you might have to verify your email address before you can start any activities in Facebook.

so, any chance that this thing would reoccur in the near future?
how can I secure my emails from this kind of “hacking”? Because obviously, they don’t need MY email’s password to create an account here in FB.


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