concluding remarks. excerpted.

As written on Prof. Sandi A. Siregar’s doctoral theses:

Bandung –
The Architecture of A City in Development

Urban analysis of a regional capital
as a contribution to the present debate on
Indonesian urbanity and architectural identity

Volume I
June 1990

Chapter Two:
Cultural and Historical Background of Indonesian Cities

Concluding Remarks.
(…) First of all, as a general remark we can state that, due to diversities resulting from (historical and ethnic / geographical) backgrounds, it is difficult to treat Indonesian cities and towns as a homogeneous phenomenon. We can of course make a categorization based on criteria like Javanese – non Javanese, coastal – inland, municipality – kabupaten, etc. But in line with historical courses, towns and cities have developed each with dominant specific features. Thus it is very difficult and irrelevant to deduce a ‘single’, archetypical Indonesian city or town.

(…) These considerations urge us not to make generalizations about towns and cities in Indonesia, or even on Java, with their specificity and not only their similarity in mind, but to look at them. Hence more careful studies on individual towns and cities are needed. The careful reading of individual urban histories as separate “texts” -i.e. a study of the development of particular urban fabrics- has to provide the basic material -how diverse and incoherent this might be- for a more solid understanding of the contemporary Indonesian urbanity. This in turn will contribute to a more complete insight in the overall cultural and historical background waves.


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