to travel is (to learn) to live

I do love travelling.
as much as I love planning one.

and surprisingly, a small talk with my grandfather few days ago leads me to a conclusion that he, too, encourage me to travel more. whenever possible. whenever I have the chance to.
as if he was telling me to cherish every single time I have to cherish the life.

maybe it’s because travelling helps me to widen my perspective.
or maybe because it gives me a perfectly new horizons.
but maybe it’s just the deliberating feeling I had.

maghrib di lantai 5 RS. Advent

thus, it’s hard to resist the temptation when a dear friend, from far away, ask me to visit her in Bangkok.
yes, my dearest fellows, this is how “Inception” actually works in real life. light small talks about somethings, and how they linger in your head because you know it could logically be done.

so I set my travel date; started to hunt for cheap tickets; browsed for decent cheap hostels; and making itineraries. soon, I suppose, I shall make the bookings. (oh, dear.. it’s such a guilty pleasure..)

I do love travelling.
as much as I love planning one.

thus I’m planning to make this year mine.
I shall spare my earnings to do things I enjoy the most. I shall travel much this year.

sing aya rejekina, ya Allah.. amin!! hehehe…


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