‘ve just finished watching Temple Grandin on HBO. And somehow I see a little bit of myself in her.

It is a story of a girl, who is autistic since she was 4 yet achieved Master for Science by doing research on cattle. She is autistic, a bit anti-social, she lives in her own world, and she sees things differently. She has an outstanding photographic memory, where she can easily memorize anything as a picture in her mind. She, too, correlates things in pictures.

At some points,
I feel like I almost know how it feels to be Temple Grandin.

I don’t interact well with people, just so you know. I hate crowd, because in the end, it’s always me standing alone in the crowd. I’m barely unable to find a place that makes me feel like I belong. Fit in. I know how it feels when everyone turns to see you as a freaking weirdo.

I don’t actually care if people can’t see things like I do. What I hate is they always try to make me see things as they see them.

I sometimes feel like had enough of people. Most of the time, I don’t really understand them. Thus I spend most of my time trying to understand. Until I found it’s kind of useless.
In the end, it’s only me trying to reconnect myself to the world I’ve left behind.

*ih, ini postingan saya kenapa serem beginihhh…*


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