Lemme tell you what happened last Friday.

It was Friday and I had a day-off, with quite homework to do. So, what I did was trying to get a place to chill and do the work, because I barely able to do it at home. And here’s what happened.

A friend (Mrs. Architect), whom I know very little of her, reached me on Facebook and asked if I care to meet up and have a chit-chat. We exchanged numbers, and I promised her to give any words if I were anywhere near her office that day.

Another friend twitted me (Ms. Telephone Provider), told me that she was in the Campus, and would love to meet up like the old times.

I bumped my ankle to the angkot’s bench on my way to the bank.

Still on my way to the bank, I slipped myself, fell on the steps, and bumped my ribs onto it. Fell onto the steps might also means some bruises here and there. It was hurt, and rather shameful. I think I was in a shock state, I was trembling.

I met Ms. Telephone Provider and several other friends on the campus. The rendezvous continued on a coffee shop and ended on the edge of the dusk.

My crush – yes, that particular man – replied my text.

After my rendezvous with Ms. Telephone Provider, Mrs. Architect phoned me on my way home. And there I was, standing on the street-side, having small conversation with her. It amazed me, though. Because, as I said earlier, I know very little of her, and there we were on the phone like old friends having a good talks after so very long time. (Isn’t it scary sometimes, to do things you think you are unable to do?!)

I went home, got myself online. Made few notes, had small chats, checking emails, commented on friend’s thread on Facebook.. (hell, this was funtastic!! been a while since the last time I did it, hehe)

I left the homework undone.

It’s Sunday already. And I’m having a headache.
Oh, hail procrastination!!


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